Who are we?

INARI is a company that offers guidance, support, training and counseling services in the field of reproductive processes and the raising of children and adolescents. We work from the perspective of social and cultural anthropology.

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Guidance and support

We offer guidance and support to individuals and families, focused on managing reproductive decisions and processes, adoption, parenting and learning in children, adolescents and young people, understanding and attention to diversity and the processes of loss and death.

Specialised training

We design and implement training activities and materials for individuals, families and professionals. Special attention is paid to understanding the diversity of backgrounds, sexuality, and emotion management.


Advising and Consulting

We provide advising and consulting services aimed at organizations, administrations, companies and professionals in the field of reproductive cycle, sexual and reproductive health and the care of people to improve the care they provide.

Service area

Reproductive Processes 


Parenting and care 

Losses and deaths 


«We are proud to be the first centre in Spain to offer this valuable human support to our international patients. This is helping us to better understand the women and couples who trust us in their project and to deal more empathetically with their difficulties.»
Cécile Gallo - Doctor and Director of the International Department of IVI Barcelona.

«The anthropologist offers a high-quality human listening, who knows how to answer with great delicacy and tact to the questions that are asked, and allows a dialogue in trust, without interference.»
IVI Barcelona patient.

«I appreciated the high level of analysis and the anthropological approach that is offered, because the issues that arise are not only psychological, but also of society and representation of the world.»
IVI Barcelona patient