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About us


INARI is a spin-off that arises from the need and willingness to develop services, emerging from the results of research on human reproduction, families and childhood, the social sciences in general, and anthropology, in particular.
INARI is linked to the AFIN Research Group, of the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, which pioneered the introduction of anthropology in Spain, from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Our Values

Anthropology is a social science that studies how people live and organise in their daily lives through their family and social relationships. It is based on respect for diversity, active listening and empathy.





Social Engagement


Diana Marre

Doctor in Anthropology

Estel Malgosa

Anthropologist and PhD Candidate in Anthropology

Alexandra Desy

Anthropologist and Master in Anthropology


Beatriz San Roman

Doctor in Social Psychology

Bruna Alvarez

Doctor in Anthropology

Martí Torra

Anthropologist and Master's in Anthropology

Sofía Gaggiotti

Gynaecologist and Doctor specialising in human and assisted reproduction

Vanessa Mantilla

Nurse, Anthropologist and Master in Anthropology

Chandra Kala Clemente

Doctor in Anthropology